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Jarot - Updates Mar 2014

Posted 22 Mar 2014 in Updates , Jarot

The following message has been sent to all adopters prior to being published on this website. We apologise if you ...

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Jarot - Updates Nov 2013

Posted 01 Nov 2013 in Updates , Jarot

Jarot returned to the Dano Alo Open Orangutan Sanctuary (OOS) at Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP), Sumatra in April 2013 after spending ...

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Jarot - Updates Nov 2012

Posted 01 Nov 2012 in Updates , Jarot

Feeding the orphans 5 times a day, consists of fruits and vegetables also egg, milk, or primate pellet as protein ...

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Jarot - Updates Aug 2012

Posted 31 Aug 2012 in Updates , Jarot

Jarot was sent from reintroduction site in Jambi back to the quarantine center in Medan at the end of August ...

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