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Mother and Daughter Orangutan Released Back to the Wild - News May 2022

Posted 10 May 2022 in News

A Mother and Daughter pair of orangutans - Ucokwati (aged 18 years) and Mungil (aged eight years) - have been ...

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What is Extinction? - News May 2022

Posted 04 May 2022 in News

Scientists estimate that we have less than ten years to save Critically EndangereRead more

Thank you for helping us save the Sebangau Forest - News May 2022

Posted 03 May 2022 in News

Thanks to the support of our wonderful donors and sponsors, we’ve been able to provide additional funds to ...

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Baby Bonanza in Borneo! - News May 2022

Posted 03 May 2022 in News

Our friends at Orangutan Foundation have reported thirteen wild births over the past two years in the Lamandau ...

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Thank you to all wildlife vets on World Veterinary Day! - News Apr 2022

Posted 05 Apr 2022 in News

To celebrate World Veterinary Day on 24 April, we spoke to Andhani Widya Hartanti , one of the ...

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Rescued orangutan medical check-up - News Apr 2022

Posted 05 Apr 2022 in News

After the urgent rescue from an abandoned zoo, our BORA rescue team transported this orangutan and a sun ...

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Combating illegal wildlife trade in northern Sumatra - Fundraising News Apr 2022

Posted 03 Apr 2022 in Fundraising News , News

Thanks to donations made through Wildlife Conservation International Canada Foundation, a newly formed wildlife protection team in northern Sumatra is ...

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What is Behavioural Enrichment? - News Mar 2022

Posted 21 Mar 2022 in News

Have you ever wondered what we are talking about when we say Behavioural Enrichment for the orangutans? Well Wikipedia sums ...

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Urgent Rescue Update - News Mar 2022

Posted 04 Mar 2022 in News

Our team has rescued this subadult orangutan! His immediate trauma is over, but he has a long road ...

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Sustainability, farming and forest protection in North Sumatra - News Mar 2022

Posted 01 Mar 2022 in News

We're working with women, farmers and villagers to save the Leuser Ecosystem. We’re proud to have supported the ...

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