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The Orangutan Project offers a range of wondrous tour options to suit all tastes and budgets. To enquire about one of our tours please contact us.

"Looking for a holiday that will become the experience of a lifetime? Why not come with me on an orangutan adventure, connect with the most intelligent fellow beings on the planet, meet the people working on the ground to save them, and help become part of the solution!" – Leif Cocks

Orangutan Odysseys Tours

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The Great Projects - Volunteer With Orangutans

The Great Projects

With 6 orangutan volunteer opportunities, The Great Projects offer you the chance to work behind the scenes at a variety of different orangutan sanctuaries in Borneo and work directly with the staff to aid the rehabilitation and release of our closest relative. All of the projects, which run throughout the year, have been designed to assist in all parts or the rehabilitation and release process, and your work as a volunteer is essential in the overall goal of increasing numbers throughout Borneo. Including opportunities to go in search of orangutans in the wild, their projects really do offer a fantastic all round experience for anyone who has dreamed of spending time working with orangutans and helping to secure them a better future.

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