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Repatriation of Orangutans from Thailand - News Feb 2024

Posted 11 Feb 2024 in News , Orangutans in the News , TOP in the Media , TOP News

Three rescued orangutans find sanctuary in Sumatra after being repatriated from Thailand, marking a significant step in their journey towards ...

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Drone Pictures of Orangutan Nests Give Researchers A New Perspective - News Feb 2024

Posted 09 Feb 2024 in News , Orangutans in the News , TOP in the Media

Amidst the ongoing efforts to protect orangutans and their habitats, thermal-equipped drones offer a promising avenue for enhancing conservation strategies. ...

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Sponsor Spotlight: Sweet Freedom - News Jan 2024

Posted 15 Jan 2024 in News , TOP in the Media , TOP News

In exciting news, our sponsors Sweet Freedom will donate 10% of profits from every sale of CHOC POT to The ...

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Top-Rated Charity 2023: Thank You, Supporters! - News Oct 2023

Posted 12 Oct 2023 in News , TOP in the Media , TOP News

Thanks to our loyal supporters, we've been named a Top-Rated Charity for 2023!

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Endangered Animals Across the Globe: The Orangutan Project & The Hike to End Elephant Poaching - Oct 2016

Posted 06 Oct 2016 in TOP in the Media

Animal Voices is Western Canada’s only program dedicated solely to animal advocacy and compassionate living. Listen to Leif's interview.

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101East TV Documentary on Leif Cocks - News Mar 2016

Posted 24 Mar 2016 in News , TOP in the Media

The Orangutan Project’s work has recently aired in a 30 minute documentary on Al Jazeera network.

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How to save orangutans - Oct 2015

Posted 08 Oct 2015 in TOP in the Media

Leif Cocks is the founder and president of The Orangutan Project, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation that works toward the protection ...

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Aussie brothers who adopted 92 orangutan orphans - Aug 2015

Posted 20 Aug 2015 in TOP in the Media

Publisher: The-Morning-Show-Ch7

Teenage brothers Daniel and William Clarke open up about their eye-opening trip to Borneo which lead the pair to adopt ...

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Lara Shannon's Trans Borneo Challenge documentary on Ch 9 - Aug 2015

Posted 19 Aug 2015 in TOP in the Media

Publisher: Channel-9

The Trans Borneo Challenge is an inspiring adventure story that follows a group of 6 women from four nations, including ...

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Cornelia Frances on Ch 7's Daily Edition about her work with orangutans - Aug 2015

Posted 10 Aug 2015 in TOP in the Media

Publisher: The-Daily-Edition

TOP Ambassador Cornelia Frances has graced our screens for decades, playing some of Australia's most devious characters -- but it ...

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