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Name Acres
Rosie 40
Elizabeth 40
Bon Milani 40
Jan 40
Matthew 40
Otto Brinkmann 40
Tracy 40
Marilyn 40
Andrew 160
Julie 40
Kirrily and David 120
Cecilia 80
Sharon 40
Amit 40
Katie 40

By clicking a plot above you will protect orangutan habitat!

We have a unique opportunity protect one of the last lowland rainforests in Borneo, home to the largest remaining population of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans - but we need your help!   

Could you commit to protecting a vital piece of this precious habitat for just a small monthly amount?   

Your protected rainforest will be safeguarded by local Wildlife Units who carefully patrol this landscape day and night, guarding against forest-clearing by fires, logging and the hunting and poaching of all wildlife, including Critically Endangered orangutans.

Your monthly support will also help the local community to restore the natural hydrological conditions of this ecosystem which has been drained and degraded through decades of logging, making it disastrously prone to annual peat fires. 

Today, one of the last big populations of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans will swing safely and securely, in rainforest carefully protected by you. Thank you!

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