Meet Payet, Our February Ape Achiever!

Learn about the journey of February's Ape Achiever, Payet, navigating the challenges and triumphs of Jungle School.

Meet February's Ape Achiever: Payet's Journey at Jungle School

In the depths of Sumatra's jungle, one orangutan has been making strides in his journey through Jungle School: Payet.

Over the past months, Payet has been a regular student at Jungle School, attending 41 sessions, each lasting around four hours.

A Preference for Play

Initially, Payet seemed content within the confines of the pre-release enclosure, enjoying playful interactions with his orangutan peers. Despite efforts to coax him out with treats, Payet's interest in natural foraging remained low.

Exploring the Wild Frontier

However, a shift occurred in December 2023. With forest fruits plentiful, Payet ventured further into the wilderness. His reluctance to leave the enclosure waned as he embraced the freedom to explore.

Adapting to Nature's Bounty

As Payet spent more time outside, his diet diversified. Feeding time doubled as he discovered a liking for liana and balam fruits, relishing the natural offerings of the jungle.

Scaling New Heights

Notably, Payet's climbing skills saw significant improvement. From hesitant beginnings, he now confidently navigates the canopy, spending most of his time between 5 to 20 metres above ground.

Payet's journey serves as a testament to the adaptability of orangutans. As we celebrate his achievements, we're reminded of the importance of providing these incredible creatures with the opportunity to thrive in their natural habitat.