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Deforestation surges in the hotspot of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans - News Oct 2023

Posted 24 Oct 2023 in News , TOP News

Deforestation within a pulpwood concession that overlaps with key orangutan habitat in Indonesian Borneo has escalated in recent months.

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Happi - Oct 2023

Posted 23 Oct 2023 in Happi

We have such exciting news to share about the adorable Happi at our BORA rescue centre in East Kalimantan.

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Asto and Asih - Oct 2023

Posted 22 Oct 2023 in Asto and Asih

The adorable pair of Asto and Asih are doing well at our Sumatran Rescue Alliance (SRA) centre in North Sumatra.

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Harapi - Oct 2023

Posted 21 Oct 2023 in Harapi

Precious little Harapi is the newest member of our adoption family.

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Mary - Oct 2023

Posted 21 Oct 2023 in Mary

Mary is now nine years of age and has continued to develop her forest skills whilst at Jungle School.

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Popi - Oct 2023

Posted 19 Oct 2023 in Popi

Seven-year-old Popi is thriving at our BORA rescue centre in East Kalimantan.

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Rahayu - Oct 2023

Posted 16 Oct 2023 in Rahayu

Rahayu has been transferred to Rangkong Island thanks to her excellent development and progress with wild orangutan behaviour and forest ...

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Top-Rated Charity 2023: Thank You, Supporters! - News Oct 2023

Posted 12 Oct 2023 in News , TOP in the Media , TOP News

Thanks to our loyal supporters, we've been named a Top-Rated Charity for 2023!

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Rickina and Ricko - Oct 2023

Posted 11 Oct 2023 in Rocky & Rickina

Rickina and little Ricko continue to do well at the YIARI orangutan rescue centre in West Kalimantan.

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Siti - Oct 2023

Posted 11 Oct 2023 in Siti

Siti, along with her best friend Sudin, are both doing great at the Sumatran orangutan rehabilitation program in the Bukit ...

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