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The Power of Mama showing how it’s done! - News Feb 2023

Posted 07 Feb 2023 in News

This year on International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we’ll be celebrating Borneo’s first women ranger ...

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Your six-monthly project report - News Jan 2023

Posted 30 Jan 2023 in News

Thank you so much for your generous support over the last six months which has furthered contributed to the protection ...

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Olivia Vivian announced as Body Fit Challenge Ambassador - Fundraising News Jan 2023

Posted 24 Jan 2023 in Fundraising News

International Ninja Warrior and former Australian Olympic gymnast Olivia Vivian has joined The Orangutan Project as official ambassador of the ...

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New medical clinic in Borneo! - News Jan 2023

Posted 04 Jan 2023 in News

We’re so proud to have funded a new medical clinic in Borneo’s Lamandau Reserve, which you’ve helped to ...

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Saving the peat forests of Borneo - News Jan 2023

Posted 04 Jan 2023 in News

Borneo’s peat forests are some of the most important forests in the world, but every year, destructive fires ...

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A Day in the Life of an Orangutan in Jungle School - News Nov 2022

Posted 30 Nov 2022 in News

We often talk about Jungle School and how important it is for rescued orangutans. But do you know ...

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Natalee the Sumatran orangutan finds jungle freedom - News Nov 2022

Posted 21 Nov 2022 in News , Natalee

Sumatran orangutan Natalee and her three close friends, Ung Aing, Ying, and Mama Zila were released into the Bukit Tigapuluh ...

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Wigly - Oct 2022

Posted 26 Oct 2022 in Wigly

It is with great sadness that we share the devastating news that Wigly has passed away on the BOS Foundation’s ...

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Asto and Asih - Oct 2022

Posted 26 Oct 2022 in Asto and Asih

Asto and Asih love going to Jungle School in the morning and late afternoon. They have learnt so much and ...

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Jungle School: a life-changing pathway to freedom - News Oct 2022

Posted 25 Oct 2022 in News

Charlotte’s journey, from captivity in chains to joy in the trees, shows the power of Jungle School to ...

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