A heartfelt thank you on behalf of TOP & Bujing

We would like to express our gratitude to all who donated to our recent appeal.

TOP could not fund the vital projects that we do without your help. This financial year, we will be sending $80,000 to the rescue centre where Bujing lives to help care for him and the many other orangutans that are undergoing rehabilitation. We will also send $70,000 to fund the Orangutan rescue team in West Kalimantan so others like Bujing can be saved from a life of misery. 

We are so thrilled to report that Bujing is progressing well. At first Bujing was rather shy and was a bit scared of the other orangutans. However he has come a long way and now likes to hang out with his mates named Mack, Sigit and Ugang. They like to explore their forest surroundings and the keepers are kept very busy keeping track of them. He has started to build nests in the forest and is climbing in the trees. Bujing also likes to test the stability of the equipment and enrichment items at the rescue centre. 

After being chained up for years and basically starved, it is the simple things in life that now bring contentment to Bujing including a comfortable bed and nutritious food including one of his favourties- bananas. Bujing is still provided with vitamins on a daily basis to help him return to good health after years of neglect. 
It’s not too late to donate to help Bujing, and other orangutans like him currently in desperate need. 

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