Sabangau nest surveys

TOP has supported the protection of the precious Sabangau ecosystem in Kalimantan for many years.

 We also provide funding to support research done in this area including orangutan population density surveys. Recent orangutan population surveys were undertaken earlier this year. This is done by nest spotting using standard line-transect techniques. The total number of orangutan nests seen in February and March were 369 and 324. This indicated a relatively stable orangutan population in the area.

OuTrop has been monitoring orangutan nests for 15 years and this important task is carried out by OuTrop’s most experienced field staff. Much training is required to become an expert nest spotter. This photo taken by Bernat Rippol shows that orangutan nest investigations also require a good level of fitness! Orangutan hair samples can be taken from nests for identification and other research.
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