Forget the chocolates this Mother’s Day - adopt an orphan orangutan for Mum!

Sadly, not all orangutans get to spend Mother’s Day with their mothers in their native habitat.

Adopting one of our orangutan orphans for your Mother, Grandmother or special friend is a positive way to bring attention to the crisis faced by this wonderful species. TOP is needing to rescue more and more infant orangutans that are critically endangered due to habitat destruction as more palm oil plantations expand across Borneo and Sumatra. From as little as $65 you can both make a real difference and help these infants survive.

Or for just $25, you can help feed 30 orphan orangutans for one month by purchasing a TOP eCard to give to your Mother. We also have a very gorgeous toy orangutan with her baby that would surprise and delight Mum this Mother’s Day – the choice is yours! By choosing one of these thoughtful gifts, you can both feel happy in the knowledge that you have helped make a difference to the lives of orphaned orangutans. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. 

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