Forest Restoration - Seedlings Galore!

The Orangutan Project supports forest restoration in degraded orangutan habitat forest.

Forest restoration has many steps. One of the teams we support is working on the Cinta Raja restoration project in Sumatra. The restoration team recently collected numerous seedlings from adjacent primary forest, in particular a fast growing pioneer species called Terap. Approximately 2,000 of these seedlings that were 10-20cm high, were collected. These are now being cared for in the nursery centre (see photo) for eventual replanting in degraded areas of the Gunung Leuser National Park.

The team has also been busy planting, with 3,000 tree seedlings planted across 3.5 hectares over the last few months. So far, 4,500 seedlings have been planted on five hectares in the site, of the total 10 to be planted under this programme. What a great effort! 

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