All I want for Christmas is to be free

Donate to help orangutans along their route to freedom this Christmas.

Thousands of orangutans are being displaced and killed every year due to their forest home being destroyed at an alarming rate. The main cause of this habitat destruction is the relentless growth of the palm oil industry as well as the pulp and paper industry, mining and agriculture. 

Amidst this devastation The Orangutan Project is desperately trying to help secure habitat and give rescued orangutans a second chance at freedom. It is a long and expensive road to recovery for young orangutans that are rescued. They are often severely traumatised from witnessing the brutal murder of their mother and can then be kept in appalling conditions as a family pet. 

By giving to the 12 Days of Christmas Appeal, you can make an immediate and real difference to the life of an orphan orangutan now and help us reach the ultimate goal for their future…FREEDOM! 

Whichever gift you choose for our orangutans, you can be sure it is vitally important during the rehabilitation process. What’s more, if you select one of the regular monthly donations, you can really help make an ongoing difference. 

Our orphans urgently need your help! These gifts could become a reality for orangutans if we all share some Christmas cheer. 

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