Georgia Nanscawen-Hockey star helping her fellow 'redheads'

Georgia Nanscawen, a red headed ambassador for The Orangutan Project, has recently spent some time visiting some other red heads at Perth Zoo.

Having always had a deep fondness and great awe for orangutans, by joining The Orangutan Project as an Ambassador she hopes to raise awareness about the perilous situation facing orangutans.

Being selected in the Hockeyroo’s in 2009 at the age of 17, Georgia instantly became one of the youngest Hockeyroo’s in history and at 20 years of age she became the youngest woman in history to play 100 games for Australia. With her curly red hair, Georgia is a stand out player on the field. Combine her red curls with her passion for orangutans and Georgia hopes to raise awareness about the perilous situation facing orangutans.

Georgia was excited to take some time out from her busy schedule recently and visit the beautiful Sumatran orangutans at Perth Zoo. There, she met up with TOP Conservation Project Manager Kylie Bullo to give TOP an exciting donation: four team shirts that have been signed by the Hockeyroos team. The Hockeyroos have had an amazing year, coming second at the World Cup and taking out the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Georgia was amazed by the strength and agility of the orangutans, especially the young ones as they swung and hung upside down on the ropes, well above 10m off the ground. Georgia stated ‘It is heart breaking to know that such an amazing and intelligent species is facing extinction if we don’t act now to save them.
TOP will be auctioning these Hockeyroos shirts at upcoming events to raise much needed funds to support orangutan conservation. Thanks to Georgia for supporting TOP and orangutan conservation efforts! 

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