Siti, along with her sidekick Sudin, continue to thrive at the Sumatran orangutan rehabilitation program in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem in Sumatra.

Siti and Sudin love exploring the forest on their regular Jungle School outings. They have both continued to develop their forest skills and independence and they are more willing to spend time away from the orangutan keepers. Siti and Sudin have travelled further in the forest than they have before over the last few months. They have improved their foraging, climbing and nest building skills however they are too young to be released and still have much to learn.

Siti spent 40% of her time playing out of her total activity budget. Her foraging behaviour accounted for 27.5% of her time and movement was 19%. She consumed more than 16 species of forest food sources per month. This quarter, she enjoyed devouring tapus flowers and liana fruits. Siti spent most of her time at a height of 10 - 15 meters. She actively builds good quality nests. Siti interacted with Jelly Bean, Jeky, Violet, Vanilla, Ying, and Rosi during Jungle School. However, she was afraid to join Jeky (Jelly Bean’s mum) because Jeky often chased and bit her.

The last few months has seen many days of heavy rain so sometimes Jungle School has not been possible. When Siti and Sudin need to spend more time in their enclosure, they are given extra enrichment which they are very skilled at completing. Siti loves a variety of food and enrichment and is in excellent health. Well done Siti on such a great report from the jungle! Thank you to Siti’s adopters for helping this sweet little girl on her way to forest freedom.

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