A School's Culinary Crusade for Orangutans

In the heart of the Blue Mountains, something incredible is cooking at Blue Steiner School.

Blue Steiner School's Culinary Crusade for Orangutans

In the heart of the Blue Mountains, something incredible is cooking at Blue Steiner School. Class 3/4, under the guidance of their dedicated teacher Julie Humphreys, has been stirring up change with a series of food stalls. These impressive 8 to 10-year-olds raised an impressive $430 for The Orangutan Project.

Children preparing cheese and spinach gozleme from their garden

A School Spirit of Giving

In a world filled with causes and concerns, why did these 8 to 10-year-olds choose orangutans? The students, already engaged in orangutan art competitions over the years, sought a way to contribute beyond their drawings. Julie initiated a unique approach, "The class has been holding food stalls intermittently throughout the year... I suggested to the class that perhaps they would want to donate the stall money to your organization." And so, the culinary adventure began.

The students' motivation goes beyond just raising funds. Julie observes, "There is often a sense of hopelessness and overwhelm as to what they can do. These types of actions encourage the children to feel that they can possibly help." The children, fueled by compassion, wish for orangutans to live peacefully with an abundance of food and trees.


Class 3/4, known as the caretakers of the school garden, made a conscious decision to use ingredients they could grow themselves. Spinach and cheese gozleme, with spinach, Warrigal greens, and lemons plucked straight from their garden. The fruit smoothies, dairy-free and delicious, added a refreshing touch to their fundraising efforts.


Children mix smoothies to fundraise for Critically Endangered orangutans

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Blue Steiner School believes in practical life skills. This fundraiser wasn't just about cash; it was about teaching confidence, teamwork, and a positive impact on the environment. The kids not only cooked but also managed the entire process, from setup to cleanup.


The kids wish for orangutans to live peacefully with abundant food and trees to climb. As Julie says, "It enables a sense of capability. They were very excited and seemed to have a sense of pride that they were doing something that could help the orangutans." It's a call for kindness and a reminder that even small actions matter.


As Blue Steiner School hands over their hard-earned $430 to The Orangutan Project, it's not just a donation; it's a testament to the impact a small community can make globally. This isn't a heartwarming journey; it's a practical lesson in making a difference - one spinach leaf at a time!

Julie Humphreys, Meredith Cadd, and the amazing students at Blue Steiner School, your efforts speak volumes. Thank you for showing us that even in simplicity, there's profound impact.

Blue Steiner School's lush garden

Blue Mountains, NSW, are the backdrop to the Blue Steiner School

Hands-On: Children make dough from scratch


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