It is with utter disbelief and sadness that we share the tragic news that Happi has passed away on our pre-release island in East Kalimantan.

We had only recently shared the exciting news that Happi and his long-time Jungle School friends Annie and Berani, were released onto our forested, pre-release island in October. Happi left his transport crate immediately after making the journey to the island by car and boat. He looked back at our BORA team and then made his way into the canopy.

Happi was keen to climb into the island canopy

Mother Nature can be so cruel. Happi succumbed to a venomous snake bite. At a time when the BORA team is under so much duress and pressure with the recent rescues and relentless heat, the release of Happi onto the island had brought them so much joy. We know Happi’s adopters would have also felt this joy, seeing the adventurous Happi move closer to forest freedom.

Happi had been doing well on the island, exploring and foraging. To lose Happi was such a shock and heart-breaking blow for the BORA staff, especially for Jeffri, the longest serving BORA keeper, who had looked after little Happi from the day he first arrived.

Happi has been a favourite in our adoption family for many years. He arrived at our BORA rescue centre in August 2016 and was estimated to be around 10 months of age. He was very unwell with malaria and needed intensive care to regain his health and strength.

Gorgeous Happi was adored by his keepers

After Happi recovered, he moved to a socialisation enclosure where he could meet other orangutans. He became firm friends with little Popi and impressed his keepers over the years with his forest skills and adventurous spirit.

Happi and Popi loved to cuddle when they were babies

Stories like Happi’s death are heart-breaking. His updates over the years have brought us such joy as he grew up before our eyes and developed his jungle skills. His cheeky and adventurous nature made everyone smile and he will be greatly missed by his dedicated carers at our BORA Rescue Centre, the TOP team, and his loyal adopters. We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Happi’s adopters over the years for making this journey possible. Happi’s story highlights how hard the rehabilitation journey can be and sadly we do not always have the happy ending that we long for. However, we will never give up in trying to give every orangutan in our care the chance to live in the jungles where they belong.

Thank you again for helping Happi over the years and please know that you were such an important part of his journey. Nest in peace Happi, you will never be forgotten. 

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