An exciting update on Carlos is coming soon. 


Carlos is a tranquil 20-year-old orangutan residing at Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre. Since his arrival on February 6, 2004, Carlos has carved out his preferred solitude in the Socialisation Complex. While Carlos generally enjoys peaceful moments, he exhibits assertiveness if he senses territorial intrusion.

Beneath his composed exterior, he delights in wrapping himself in provided sacks. This resourceful orangutan isn't fussy about his diet and adeptly tackles food-enrichment challenges. His favorite? Fruit frozen in ice blocks, a refreshing treat in the tropical heat.

Carlos's health is robust, and he's currently in quarantine, gearing up for an imminent release into the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest.

Your continued support contributes to Carlos's well-being and his journey towards a life in the wild.

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