Asto and Asih

The adorable pair of Asto and Asih are doing well at our Sumatran Rescue Alliance (SRA) centre in North Sumatra.

Adventurous Asto and Asih at Jungle School

Asto is now seven years of age and weighs 17.2kg while five-year-old Asih weighs 15.4kg. Asto’s favourite foods are banana, rambutan, avocado, dragon fruit. Asih’s favourite foods are banana, milk and honey and she can be fussy with her vegetables.

They both love going to Jungle School and are developing their forest skills. Both have learned to cover their heads with wide leaves to protect themselves from the heat of the sun. Asto is often seen making nests in the tallest trees. Both girls are eating a range of forest fruits, leaves and bark and Asto also enjoys feasting on ant eggs.

Asih is very active and only stops moving when the sun is very hot. She needs to practice testing the strength of branches whilst travelling in the canopy. Asih is reluctant to return to their enclosure after Jungle School and her keepers need to be very patient with trying to coax her back. Cheeky Asih loves to roll on the ground, especially if there is grass.

Both girls really like playing in and exploring all areas of the orangutan playground. The island playground area has been completely renovated. Towers have been added so they can rest and take shelter. Asto and Asih love receiving enrichment when they are in their enclosure including honey smears in wooden blocks and lots of browse to eat and play with. Asto is very patient with younger Asih who can be quite cheeky and play rough.

It is wonderful to see Asto and Asih thrive on their rehabilitation journey at our SRA rescue centre.

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Asto and Asih