Orangutan Day is Coming: Here's How You Can Fundraise

Celebrate Orangutan Day with us on August 19th. Learn about ways you can give to the Critically Endangered orangutan.

Celebrate Orangutan Day on August 19th

Orangutans, our intelligent and gentle cousins, are facing a serious threat of extinction. On August 19th, Orangutan Day, we come together to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect these amazing creatures and their habitat in Sumatra and Borneo. What better way to celebrate Orangutan Day than by raising money to directly benefit our forest friends and their homes? Below, we discuss some ways you can fundraise and be a warrior for the Critically Endangered orangutan this Orangutan Day 2023.

Facebook Fundraising for Orangutan Day

Use the power of social media for good by setting up your own fundraiser on Facebook. It's simple and effective. Just head to Facebook Fundraisers, select Wildlife Conservation International Fund (our umbrella organization), set your target, and describe why you are raising money for The Orangutan Project. Share it with your friends and family, and together, we can protect these precious orangutans from extinction.

Other Ways to Give

There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference:

  • Adopt an Orangutan

    By adopting an orangutan, you can provide crucial support for their care and rehabilitation. Your monthly donation of as little as $12 will help them learn essential survival skills, giving them the best chance to thrive in the wild. Learn more about adoption.

  • Donate

    Your generous donations directly contribute to orangutan conservation efforts. From critical habitat protection to orangutan care centers and rehabilitation, every dollar goes a long way in securing their future. Donate today.

  • Protect the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem

    Make a commitment to protect a vital piece of orangutan habitat with a small monthly donation. Your contribution will be used to fiercely protect this rainforest area with the help of our dedicated wildlife rangers. Save the forest here.

  • Plant Forest

    Join our tree planting program and help expand orangutan habitat areas by reforesting land. With each donation, you'll receive a personalized Adopt a Tree certificate for the trees planted. Plant trees with us.

  • Orangutan Adventure Tours

    For an unforgettable experience, consider joining our Orangutan Adventure Tours to witness orangutans in their natural habitat in Sumatra or Borneo. Your trip will not only be a once-in-a-lifetime experience but also a contribution to orangutan conservation. Book tours here.

  • Business Partnerships

    Companies can make a meaningful impact by partnering with us to protect orangutans and their natural habitat. It's a chance to make positive changes while fostering a sense of purpose among employees. Learn more about business partnerships here.

  • Bequests

    Leaving a bequest to The Orangutan Project is a powerful way to leave a lasting legacy of love and care for orangutans. Your support will continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and protect these amazing creatures and their habitats. Learn about leaving a bequest.

  • Volunteer

    For those who are passionate about orangutans and their welfare, we offer volunteering opportunities that allow you to contribute directly to our mission. Volunteer with The Orangutan Project.

  • Workplace Giving

    Consider including The Orangutan Project in your workplace giving program. Donating through your workplace provides immediate tax savings while supporting our conservation efforts. Learn more about Workplace Giving here.