Release Radar: Memo, Jasmine, and Syair

Discover the heartwarming stories of recently released orangutans, Memo, Jasmine, and Syair, as they find their new home in the Busang forest of East Kalimantan.

Be Free, Memo!


A New Life in the Busang Forest

Nurturing Survival Skills

Memo the orangutan thrives in her new home in the Busang forest of East Kalimantan. With the support of our dedicated team and the Ministry of Environment & Forestry, she successfully reintegrated into the wild. Memo now explores her surroundings, forages for food, and adapts to her forest life.

Despite the absence of fruiting season, Memo demonstrates her resilience by adapting to the availability of forest food. She consumes various plants, including leaves and cambium, showcasing the importance of orangutans' ability to rely on diverse food sources for survival.


A Memorable Homecoming

Changing One Life at a Time

Hardi, our Field Manager in Indonesia, shares a touching account of Memo's release. He vividly recalls the day she returned to the Busang Forest, her true home. As the transport box opened, Memo climbed up a nearby tree, briefly gazing at Hardi before disappearing into the canopy. She joined seven other orangutans who were already released, marking a heartwarming reunion in their natural habitat.

Hardi's dedication to orangutan conservation has made a profound impact on Memo's life and the lives of many other orangutans. His tireless efforts, along with the continuous support from our followers and donors, have contributed to this heartwarming success story.


A Journey to Freedom: Jasmine and Syair's Release


Remember this Sweet Mum and Baby?

Recall the heart-wrenching story of Jasmine and Syair, the distressed orangutan mother and her baby. Rescued by our dedicated BORA team in March, they were in a vulnerable state, malnourished and fearful.

Healing and Rehabilitation

Jasmine and Syair required extensive nutritional and medical care to restore their health. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of our BORA alliance, they received the support needed to thrive once again. With each passing day, they grew stronger, preparing for their ultimate return to the wild.

A Joyous Reunion in the Jungle

In a moment filled with pure joy, Jasmine and Syair were recently released into a secure forest area. Our team rejoiced as these two orangutans set foot in their natural habitat once more. Syair couldn't contain his excitement as he indulged in a feast of ripe bananas, while Jasmine gracefully ascended into the canopy.


Join the Movement

Be part of this incredible journey and help more orangutans like Memo find their way back to the forest. Your donation can make a significant difference in providing a brighter future for these remarkable creatures.

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