Carlos continues to do well at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, run by the BOS Foundation in Central Kalimantan.

He is in a healthy condition and is 18 years of age.

Carlos is kept as busy as possible with a variety of enrichment items and food puzzles in his enclosure. One of his recent favourites was large water and honey ice blocks. These were thrown on top of his enclosure, so he had to climb up and hang from the roof to enjoy the cold and refreshing treat.

Carlos also likes the drum enrichment that has a hole on one side. The orangutan keepers put in a variety of fruits and vegetables including bananas, melons, and cucumbers. They then pack it full of cassava leaves, making it harder to get everything out of the hole. Other orangutans will leave the banana peels and melon skin, but Carlos eats every scrap, until nothing is left.

Carlos still likes to play with all the enrichment structures installed in his enclosure, including the rubber tyre ropes and barrels. He also likes to dangle from the iron rooftop of the enclosure. According to the orangutan keepers, Carlos is a very calm orangutan, unlike other aggressive males his age.

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