Jungle School at the Orangutan Sanctuary in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem is being conducted with strict health protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is very important that young orangutans can spend as much time as possible in the forest so they can improve their climbing and foraging skills and build up their physical fitness and confidence. Cece spends much of her jungle time foraging for forest fruits especially aro, kelampaian and liana and she also likes to eat rattan stem. Her overall activity in the forest has increased.

Cece always goes to Jungle School with her close friend Rosi and she generally stays about 10-15m above the ground which is fantastic for a young orangutan. She hitches a piggyback ride to Jungle School with one of her keepers and they take her far into the forest or otherwise cheeky Cece will go back to the enclosures to play.

The orangutans receive food five times a day and their diet includes high carbohydrates (corn, sweet potatoes and bananas), high fibre (fruits and vegetables), and protein (milk, tempeh, boiled eggs). Cece’s favourite food is pineapple and she’s estimated to be about 20kg. Cece also enjoys using all the different enrichment items including puzzle feeders, leaves with honey, leaf parcels and fishing for food pieces with long sticks. Her favourite enrichment are the leaf parcels.

We love watching Cece’s progress in the forest as she moves closer to jungle freedom. Well done Cece!


(Program run by Ministry of Forestry and FZS)

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