Carlos continues to do well at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, run by the BOS Foundation in Central Kalimantan. He has very impressive cheek pads and beautiful long hair. He is a gentle orangutan and is friendly towards the keepers and vets.

Carlos loves food and he is especially fond of melons. Luckily for Carlos, the farmers near the Nyaru Menteng Centre have had a bumper harvest of melons so Carlos is enjoying a melon feast! He can split the melons in half with one bite. He will then spit the seeds out enjoy the nice juicy flesh of the melon. He will always choose melons over any other fruit and vegetable in his food basket.

Carlos is quite active in his enclosure and likes to dangle on his ropes and tyre. Despite his size, Carlos is still able to swing on the enrichment ropes. As he swings, his long hair hangs down. Carlos is coping well in his enclosure and is in very good health. He is given lots of enrichment and activities to keep him busy and improve his survival skills. Carlos’ food is presented in a variety of ways to make it challenging for him to reach. Carlos is active and skilful; he will use every part of his body to solve the enrichment puzzles.

It is very much hoped that Carlos will be able to be moved to a pre-release island in the near future so he can continue to develop his forest survival skills.

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