Asto and Asih

Asto and Asih have settled in well at our Sumatran Rescue Alliance (SRA) rescue centre in North Sumatra after their rescue in April 2021.  Asto, who is approximately four years old and weighs 8.6kg is quite independent and doesn’t like to interact with the keepers very much. She is very agile and keen to explore at Jungle School. Little Asih is only about two years old and weighs 6.6kg. She is more dependent on her keepers and will sometimes cry when she is unsure of things which is understandable. Both girls love bananas and do not like sweet potato. Asto also loves corn while Asih loves fresh papaya. And they both love milk as can be seen from the photos! Asih is very possessive of milk and can get upset when her milk is finished and jealous if Asto still has some left.

Both girls are doing remarkably well at Jungle School for their age. Asto loves hanging from branches and traveling through the canopy. She is also beginning to build nests, but she does not like to share these with Asih! However, she is quite generous at sharing food with her younger friend. Asih follows Asto at Jungle School and is learning new skills. Both are eating forest fruits, shoots, young leaves, and flowers. Asih often gets quite tired at Jungle School since she is still so young.

Asto and Asih receive lots of enrichment when they are in their enclosure. Asto’s favourite enrichment is bamboo tubes filled with leaves, sunflower seeds, fruits, boiled eggs and honey. Asih’s favourite enrichment is logs with holes in them with honey smeared inside.

We are so pleased with the progress Asto and Asih are making at our SRA rescue centre. Well done girls!

Photos: Asih photos on top row, Asto photos on bottom row. 




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Asto and Asih