Meki is a long-term member of our adoption family and it is lovely to see her continue to flourish on Kaja Island, one of the BOS Foundation’s pre-release islands in Central Kalimantan. Lately, Meki has spent more time relaxing on the ground than actively exploring her surroundings and moving through the canopy. Her extra time on the forest floor appears to be due to the receding river waters, which have exposed more land on the island and given Meki and her friends the chance to play more on this new and interesting ground or at the feeding platform. The staff are confident that when the waters rise again and cover the land, Meki and the other orangutans will return to exploring the canopy that covers the island.

Despite being a bit less adventurous in the canopy lately, Meki has already mastered the skills needed to forage for natural foods in the forest including fruits, young leaves, flowers, and protein-rich insects. She is also highly competent at building solid nests. Meki enjoys her day-time naps as the wind gently blows overs her nest, which is typically covered with twigs and leaves formed into an umbrella shape, to protect her from the sun.

All of these traits make Meki a strong candidate for release in the future. Well done Meki!

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