Happi has now been at the BORA rescue centre for 5 years. Happi loves Jungle School and is confident and agile when climbing and traveling in the canopy. If the orangutan keepers are not careful, they can easily lose sight of Happi so they have to stay on high alert. In the past, if the keepers called Happi’s name, then he would immediately peek down from a branch and show his face. Or the desire for milk was enough to entice Happi back to the enclosure. However, now, if he hasn’t had enough play time then he will not come down.

Happi loves his food and always eats with gusto and enthusiasm. He pays careful attention when the orangutan keepers bring food to ensure the others don’t snatch his share. Happi knows how to keep his fruit safe from the other three orangutans in his enclosure. He carefully avoids them and climbs up to sit in the hammock to eat his food in peace.

Happi is mostly a solitary orangutan and is comfortable with being alone. He will play with another orangutan named Owi who is a similar age and size when they are in the same enclosure. However, at Jungle School Happi much prefers to head off on his own, to explore high in the canopy.

Jungle School had to be temporarily paused in July and August due to COVID-19 being prevalent in the nearby community. The staff at BORA adhered to very strict protocols and stayed at the BORA rescue centre for two weeks at a time while they cared for the orangutans, so they were not exposed to the risk of COVID-19 in the community. All staff had to have a negative COVID-19 test before entering the rescue centre. In early September, Happi had the first opportunity to go to Jungle School again with Mary and Popi. Happi seemed very excited to be back outside and able to play with Mary who lives in a different enclosure. They chased each other from tree to tree and even wrestled on the ground. Mary and Happi are the same age and the keepers loved watching them play together and enjoy their time back in the forest.

Happi is a strong orangutan and rarely gets sick. It is wonderful that Happi continues to excel at Jungle School as this will make him a strong candidate for future release. 


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