This is Popi’s fourth year at our Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance (BORA) centre in East Kalimantan. Popi was only a tiny baby when she was rescued and didn’t even have any teeth. She has certainly come a long way since then after being cared for by the dedicated staff.

COVID-19 has meant lots of changes for both orangutans and staff at the orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centres throughout Indonesia. Staff are having limited contact with orangutans and forest school is not taking place. However, recently some of the orangutans, including Popi, at the BORA centre have been able to have some time in the outdoor orangutan playground which is fabulous. Popi has greatly enjoyed this extra freedom and opportunity to climb and play with other orangutans. The staff were worried that Popi may not want to return to her enclosure but thankfully after a good play session, Popi was content to return to her enclosure for a snack and a nap!

Popi is currently in an enclosure with three other young female orangutans named Mary, Jojo and Bonti. Popi is the smallest orangutan in the group and the others would often steal Popi’s food. However, recently Popi has become braver and more skilled at keeping her food. When the orangutan keepers come with the food, Popi ensures she is ready and waiting. After receiving her share, she quickly moves away from the other orangutans and even brushes and hits their hands away if they try to reach out for her food. Popi has a good appetite and is in good health and physical condition. It is wonderful to see her become more confident and develop her survival skills even during the COVID-19 restrictions. Well done Popi!





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