Rahyau has become quite the social butterfly on Besar island at International Animal Rescue’s Orangutan Centre. With her gentle and playful nature, Rahyau is a favourite among the other 16 orangutans living on the island.

She now socialises with other orangutans besides Joyce, Boy and Budi. Rahayu loves to spend her day ‘hanging out’ in anyone’s company. Considering her vision is not 100%, she does very well moving through the canopy and the staff love to watch Rahayu flourishing. Rahayu loves to forage for various wild foods and particularly enjoys munching on ferns, Simpur (Dillenia sp) flowers, fruit, berries and termites.

The one negative behavioural trait of Rahayu is that she still moves around the island predominantly low down in the trees and also frequents the ground. The orangutan keepers are spending time in the treetops with Rahayu in an effort to encourage her to be more at ease higher in the trees rather than lower down and on the ground.

Overall, Rahayu continues to make great progress and it will be exciting to see how she develops in the coming months. Well done Rahayu!

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