Rahayu, even though her vision is not as sharp as it should be, is still an active female and is constantly learning new skills.  She is an amazing little warrior, as her courage to try new things is increasing daily.

She still loves to hang out with Joyce, Boy, and Budi on Besar Island and they are often seen playing together. Rahayu has been observed foraging for forest fruits and making nests.

Rahayu’s interaction with the keepers is also reducing, which is very positive as she gains more independence.  It will not be long before she is swinging across the Besar Island getting up to mischief with the rest of her island buddies and developing her forest skills further. Due to the forest fires in West Kalimantan in August and September, all orangutans at the IAR centre are being monitored extra closely and checked for any signs of distress from smoke.

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