We are pleased to report that sweet Rahayu is confidently progressing through her rehabilitation. Recently, Rahayu was moved to the Besar Island, allowing her an opportunity to spend time with a new grouping of orangutans – all 19 of them! She has formed close bonds with three of the other orangutans on the island named Joyce, Boy and Budi, and the three can often be seen playing together.

The staff at IAR are thrilled to see her spending so much time playing and learning from her friends and believe spending this extra time has really built up her self-esteem and confidence. Although her vision is still slightly impaired, Rahayu is not letting this hold her back and she is slowly learning the various skills and techniques needed to survive as an orangutan. Joyce, Boy and Budi are teaching Rahayu how to socialise, find forest fruits and even how to make nests!

With all this extra knowledge she is gaining since her move, we think it won’t be long until little Rahayu will be swinging across the island confidently just like the other orangutans.


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