Cheeky Gokong continues to flourish during his regular forest school outings and his playful personality continues to shine through.

Carers from SOCP Rehabilitation and Quarantine Centre say he is famous (and a bit of a favourite!) amongst the staff due to his mischievous ways and it’s very rare to see him sad or quiet. Gokong is known for sneaking up and tugging on keepers’ clothes when they come to clean the enclosures or bring enrichment.

He got into a little bit of trouble recently with a more dominant orangutan named Elaine. In an effort to assert her dominance, Elaine bit Gokong on the soles of his feet! But don’t worry, no blood was drawn and it was nothing serious! Gokong now tends to steer clear of her during feeding times – a valuable lesson in orangutan socialisation for this cheeky boy!

Despite a short bout of the flu recently, Gokong is in excellent health and weighs a comfortable 16.4kg. Staff will continue to introduce Gokong to a range of new experiences and challenges during his rehabilitation program to ensure he has all the necessary skills to one day survive in the wild.

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