Meki continues to do well living in one of the socialisation enclosures at Nyaru Menteng as she awaits her turn to move to one of the pre-release islands.

She is housed with seven other orangutans named Melani, Sawitri, Shiba, Qureda, Monny, and Laura and newcomer Dila. They sometimes squabble over food however most of the time they all get on very well and play for extended periods of time together.

Meki was quite sad when her close friend Shiba moved to one of the pre-release islands. However, she has now become closer to Dila, the newest orangutan in the group. Meki still loves all of the different enrichment items given to them from the technicians and she is adept at solving problems and puzzles to reach the desired food items. Meki is in excellent health, weighs 25kg and eats a wide variety of food.

With BOS Foundation undertaking further orangutan releases into protected forests, more orangutans are getting the chance to move to the pre-release islands and we eagerly await for Meki's turn to come. 

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