It has now been two years since Happi arrived at the COP Borneo care centre. Happi used to cry and hug the other young orangutans as he was very traumatised. Thankfully, Happi has come a long way since then. He is now more independent and is very keen to explore the forest during forest school outings.

Happi is very daring and can climb up to 30m high in the canopy and the keepers often lose sight of him. He is improving at transferring from one tree to another and will also dangle from liana vines. The keepers don’t dare look away when they are in charge of supervising Happi on a forest outing!

Happi is deemed the smartest orangutan in the forest school class. His nest building has greatly improved, and his nests are much better and stronger than before. This is fabulous since Happi always tends to fall asleep during forest school but now he has a siesta in his very own nest and not in the arms of one of the keepers or on the forest floor. Go Happi- just like a wild orangutan!

Happi is in excellent health and also has a very good appetite. Bananas are one of his favourite foods. Happi quickly finishes his breakfast in the morning so he is ready for forest school. Happi is a very curious orangutan and will come out of the cage as soon as the door is opened, ready for his forest adventure. He is keen to forage for various food sources in the forest and has been seen eating tree bark and its cambium. Happi also tries to complete all of the enrichment items given to him including food parcels and puzzles to get the tasty treats inside.

In August, Happi was transferred to the quarantine cage for two weeks, so his usual enclosure could be painted and repaired. Cages need constant maintenance in such a humid climate. Happi is now back in his usual enclosure however he spends a lot of time out at forest school. On average, Happi attends forest school outings 20 days every month which is very beneficial for both his physical and mental health. They tend not to go out to forest school when it is raining very heavily or the young orangutans just want to cuddle up to the keepers and not climb into the canopy.

It is so encouraging to see how well Happi is progressing on his rehabilitation journey.

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