Little Popi at COP Borneo is increasingly showing her stubborn side. Popi often doesn’t want to climb at forest school and if this is the case she will sometimes roll around on the forest floor or hide behind trees and bite on the bark. Even if her keeper encourage her to climb she often wont.

However, when Popi chooses to climb she is certainly a brave little orangutan and even makes her keepers worry. Sometimes she climbs very thin trees that will begin to bend because of her weight and her keepers worry she will fall. So far Popi has managed to avoid a fall and she even tries to grab other trees when her small tree is bending. This is really fabulous since this is often how orangutans transfer to another tree in the forest. Popi is very agile in the canopy. She can also be quite fierce with other orangutans if they annoy or disturb her and will bite. Despite her small size she has stood up to larger and older orangutan youngsters at COP Borneo.

Popi is still very young so she still has many things to learn at forest school over the years. However we are sure her determined nature will put her in a strong position to return to the forest when she is ready.

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