Meki is doing well living in one of the socialisation enclosures at Nyaru Menteng as she awaits her turn to move to one of the pre-release islands. Meki has good friends in her enclosure and will play with them for extended periods of time and will sometimes groom their hair.

Meki loves the various enrichment given to them from the technicians and is very good at solving problems and puzzles to obtain food items. One of her favourite foods is papaya leaves and she quickly devours them when they are given. Sometimes she will save some of her food and hide it in the blue barrels in the enclosure. Meki can also be a bit cheeky and steal her favourite foods off other orangutans in the enclosure.

Meki is in excellent health and continues to be a friendly orangutan. We can’t wait until Meki has the opportunity to live on one of the forested islands as she prepares for forest freedom.

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