Happi certainly lives up to his name when it comes to going on forest school outings. He is always eager to leave the cage and he immediately climbs up onto the keeper to carry him to forest school.

As soon as they arrive at the forest school area, Happi leaves his keeper, finds a nearby tree and starts to climb… and climb… and climb! Happi has climbed as high as 30m into the canopy which is fabulous!

Happi’s nest building is also improving. He is now making a comfortable enough nest to have a rest in during the heat of the day. He will often use a previously made nest and will add more leaves and twigs to it.

Keepers often find it difficult to coax Happi down from the canopy when it is time to return home! Happi will even sometimes ignore offerings of milk and bananas so he can continue his jungle adventure.

Currently, Happi is considered the top student at forest school as his climbing, foraging and nest-building skills continue to improve. These are all very positive signs that Happi will have a second chance at jungle life in the future. Thank you to all of Happi’s adopters for helping him on this journey!

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