With 2018 here, Carlos is getting closer to his transfer to one of the forested pre-release islands at Nyaru Menteng. This will allow him to practice living as a wild orangutan and greatly increase his opportunity to travel, forage and build up strength and stamina.

Carlos is a very handsome orangutan and has a laidback personality. He pays close attention to the technicians that provide the food and enrichment to the orangutans in the enclosures. He is not a fussy eater and will eat everything given to him. One of his favourite things to eat is a Vitamin C supplement that is poured into an enrichment log that is perforated with holes for foraging.

Carlos is now 15 but he still likes to play with the sacks given out as enrichment and he also uses them as blankets and to make a nest. He is a very much loved orangutan at Nyaru Menteng. 

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