Wigly has continued to grow and flourish at Nyaru Menteng. As he heads towards adolescence, Wigly has become too strong and unmanageable to be taken out to forest school with the younger orangutans.

Therefore, in June, Wigly was moved into a socialization enclosure. Wigly has had to adapt to living in a more confined space. Due to Wigly’s great progress at forest school and his age, he is now on the list to be relocated to a pre-release island in 2018. What fabulous news!

The keepers always provide the orangutans in enclosures with numerous feeds during the day as well as enrichment and foliage. Wigly loves feed time and the enrichment provided. Enrichment keeps the orangutans active and encourages problem solving with food treats often hidden in various food puzzles. When he’s finished eating he will build a nest to rest in using the branches and leaves provided.

Wigly shows his dislike of the keepers by kiss-squeaking at them when they approach his enclosure. It is a positive sign that Wigly doesn’t seek out human contact and this will also prove beneficial when he regains his forest freedom.

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