Rocky and Rickina

Rocky is now living on Setrum Island at the IAR Rescue Centre in Ketapang. He is very active and adventurous and he plays with lots of different things he finds in the forest.

It is fantastic that Rocky now has a forested area to live in all the time so he can improve his forest skills and increase his fitness and climbing skills.

Rocky is growing quickly and has an excellent appetite. He continues to forage well and favours wild fruit he finds in the forest over fruit that is provided as a supplement by the staff. It is also hoped that with extended forest time, Rocky will start to build sleeping nests in the canopy.

Rickina continues to thrive at the IAR Rescue Centre in Ketapang. Her curiosity is very high and she is always eager to try new things and explore new areas at forest school. She will often take along one of her friends to explore new areas of forest with her. She was recently seen to be very protective of her orangutan friend Pelangi. One day he needed to have a quick medical check in the forest and Rickina became very agitated and showed aggression to the team as they checked on Pelangi. It seemed that Rickina thought he needed her protection!

Rickina still excels at using the different enrichment given to the orangutans and continues to show excellent forest skills including foraging and nest building. Well done Rickina, you are certainly making great progress!

Rocky photos are on the top row, Rickina on the bottom row. 








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