Happi is the brightest student at forest school. Happi has become quite independent and he tends to stay away from his keepers when out in the forest.

Usually Happi will play with orangutans Owi and Bonti at the beginning of forest school but then he will quickly move away from the group, preferring to climb and explore by himself in the canopy.

Happi is confident enough to climb high in the canopy and make a nest. He is the only orangutan at the COP Borneo centre that can make a nest in the trees so he will be a great role model for other orangutans. He has also been observed eating leaves and bark- both very important food sources for orangutans in the non-fruiting season.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms can frighten Happi and the other young orangutans, proving an obstacle to forest school lessons. Happi always seems content to be carried back to the COP Borneo centre by his keeper after an exhausting day at forest school.

The COP Borneo orangutan keepers often make enrichment for the orangutans at the rehabilitation centre. An example of this are hollow pieces of bamboo stuffed with pieces of fruit and leaves and drizzled with honey. The orangutans need to use their fingers and sticks to poke the treats out of the bamboo. Enrichment like this encourages foraging behaviour and problem-solving skills. It also ensured the orangutans are kept busy and do not become bored. 

Happi needed quite a long time to open up his bamboo to obtain the delicious food including his favourites; guava, papaya, banana and diced corn. Happi is in the same enclosure as Owi, Bonti and Pingpong and these four orangutans worked together to reach the food treats. They took turns banging the bamboo and trying to make the hole bigger. They also stuck their fingers and tongues inside to try and reach the hidden fruits until they were finally successful. Team work!

Happi has already come such a long way since his arrival at COP Borneo. With further support, we’re sure he will continue to flourish and develop further forest skills that will help him on his way to freedom.






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