Wigly continues to be an active participant in the Nyaru Menteng Forest School and sometimes explores deep into the forest with his orangutan companions. He is a stocky orangutan that keeps his distance from babysitters.

After breakfast at Forest School, Wigly wanders off far to play, but always returns to the group in the afternoon. Absorbed in play and exploring the forest with his friends, Wigly’s nest-building has taken a back seat. He still needs to develop his nest-construction skills

After school, Wigly makes a beeline for the feeding platform and refuses to return to his enclosure. Babysitters, assisted by technicians, have to follow him daily and persuade him to return to the enclosure. Wigly loves to play in the rainy-season puddles with his best friend, Ben

In October 2016, Wigly presented with a swollen, infected eye. He had to undergo treatment with the medical team for a week but he made a full recovery.

Recently, Wigly became agitated by a group of wild monkeys that approached the Forest School area. When a monkey tried to snatch Wigly’s banana, the interaction soon turned hostile and a fight ensued. Wigly wrestled with the monkey and scared the entire group away.

Wigly’s favourite fruits are watermelon and rambutan. He sometimes steals fruit from the babysitters’ lanjung bags, and when shouted at, immediately flees after managing to first grab some fruit.

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