Wigly is healthy and actively plays and learns in Nyaru Menteng’s Forest School. He is growing and gaining weight.

Wigly loves to play with Rajawali, Joan and Qiu-qiu, exploring the forest or foraging for natural food with his companions.  His foraging skills are quite good and he can now source termites, figs, pantung sap, and much more. He likes to play with leaves, often putting them in his mouth and then spitting them out once he’s given them a taste test.

Wigly recently showed his impatience and aggressive side when he snatched a lanjung bag off a babysitter that contained milk. Wigly sometimes invites orangutan friends (and babysitters) to wrestle with him, seemingly testing his strength against others in a display of his dominance.

When Forest School is over for the day, Wigly heads straight for the Nyaru Menteng playground to grab some fruit at the feeding platform. After snatching some fruit, he quickly returns to the forest and often spends the night there with his friends.

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