Monti is now very big and spending all her time out on the islands, where she is thriving. She is very naughty, and her cheeky personality and aversion to particular keepers continues to entertain us.

She has become a much better nest builder, developing her skills by watching Pungki, and she now spends a lot of time away from people, up in the tree tops, using her nests for night time sleeping and the occasional day time nap. She does, however, still spend time on the floor with her good friend Oscarina, so we really need to continue our efforts to get Monti to be more arboreal.

As well as fruit, she is very good at finding insects, and her diet appears to be varied. Monti has been at the rescue centre for a long time, and, as such, has developed into one of the leaders on the islands. She is very popular with other orangutans, often getting involved in squabbles and defending her favourites, though we believe at heart she remains quite a solitary individual.  

Monti underwent a full health check in August and we found that she is very healthy and not suffering from any parasites or ailments that could impede her rehabilitation.

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