Wigly was recently promoted to Group 4 of Forest School. He has embraced the new environment and made new friends. Staff were worried that Wigly would miss his very close companion Ben. However Wigly has coped very well with the separation.

Recently, Wigly has started to show his dislike of humans. In his previous group, Wigly was known as an orangutan who picked on other orangutans. However in his new group he prefers to pick on his babysitters! One day, Wigly even made a babysitter fall over when he grabbed her bag from behind to steal fruit. After he stole the fruits he quickly fled and climbed a large tree.

Wigly’s nest building skills are growing. He likes to learn from babysitters and he is good at following their directions and demonstrations. He still does not enjoy resting in the nests he builds so it seems they still need some fine tuning. Wigly’s appetite is excellent and he continues to grow and become bulkier. At Forest School, Wiggly loves to eat rattan shoots and bananas. Wigly continues to develop his foraging skills and find termites which is excellent for his future possible release.

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