Rosi was recently promoted to Group 6 in Forest School due to her excellent progress and skill development. Rosi quickly adapted to her new group and made friends, however she still loves to spend time alone.

Every day, when Rosi arrives at Forest School, she will always go straight to a tall tree and dangle from the branches. Her foraging skills are excellent. Her favourite forest foods are pantung sap and ehang fruits. Rosi has recently been seen trying to eat rattan shoots with other orangutans. After exploring, Rosi will usually build a nest and nap for a while.  When it is time for lunch, Rosi will collect her food from the carers and then take it up to eat in her nest. Rosi absolutely loves rambutan fruit and she will always ask for more from her babysitter.

In recent months, Rosi sometimes spent the night in the forest which is excellent preparation for her future release. In the current rainy season, Rosi and her friends love to play in puddles.

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