Wigly is now five years old and he is certainly growing up fast! He is very healthy and is in Forest School Group 3. Wigly remains firm friends with Ben. Wigly becomes upset if another orangutan picks on Ben. Wigly has been seen holding tightly onto a stick as a form of weapon to protect Ben from others.

November 2015

Wigly has been going out to forest school regularly. His forest skills are developing well and he no longer roams the forest on the ground. Wigly is now exploring the forest by traveling through the canopy and he is becoming more agile. He has discovered some new forest fruits and he really loves to eat suli shoots.

Occasionally, Wigly will come to the ground to play in the mud. Sometimes the baby-sitters have been unable to recognize him because he is completely covered in mud!

Wigly has started to construct nests in the canopy. Some of his nests are of a good size however it appears they are lacking in strength. After noon, he will try to rest in his nest but he normally leaves it after an hour or so and recommences exploring the forest. It seems Wigly needs to improve on his nest building skills so his nest is stronger and more comfortable.

Sometimes Wigly will show aggressive behavior towards the baby-sitters. He will get annoyed if they approach him and he prefers to interact with the other orangutans. 

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