Rosi is now six years of age and is in Forest School Group 4. She is a very healthy and boisterous orangutan. In fact, Rosi is considered to be one of the naughty orangutans who will be cheeky towards other orangutans and her baby-sitters. Once when Rosi was up in a tree, she deliberately pooped on a baby-sitter who was walking below. Now all of Rosi’s baby-sitters are wary of this and are prepared!

November 2015

Rosi’s skills continue to develop incredibly well in forest school. She excels at swinging and quickly moving from one tree to another. Rosi does build nests in the canopy but it seems that perhaps her nests are not strong enough because she holds onto the branches whilst sitting in the nest.

Rosi is very active and playful in the canopy and she really only approaches the baby-sitters when they have food. In this current dry season, Rosi loves to eat the juiciest fruits the most including oranges and watermelon. Her foragaing skills are also developing so she is eating more natural forest food as well which is excellent. 

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