Carmen was moved from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre to the pre-release Kaja Island in early March 2015 with her orangutan friends Bella, Suma and Nanda. She has done remarkably well over the last six months.

November 2015

Carmen loves to explore Kaja Island by swinging through the canopy. She is a gentle orangutan and mingles well with other orangutans. Carmen is now 13 years old and technicians have observed adult male orangutans approaching her on numerous occasions. She is at the age of sexual maturity and may indeed fall pregnant soon.

Carmen has further developed her foraging skills for fruits, leaves, forest galangal and termites. The prolonged dry season in Kalimantan has made many fruits unavailable on the island and Carmen has ventured to the feeding platform during this time to obtain food. However, Carmen appears to love her new found freedom so much that as soon as she hears people approaching, she will quickly move away and climb a tree to watch from a distance. This has made it impossible for the technicians to obtain any recent photos of Carmen. It is excellent that Carmen views the high canopy as a place of safety.

As Carmen is now in the final stage of her rehabilitation, if your adoption was on auto-renewal, we have transferred your adoption to Rahayu from the Orangutan Emergency Centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. Rahayu arrived at the centre in April 2011 as a tiny baby. She was suffering from malaria and was in a very serious condition. She received round-the-clock care and managed to pull through. She certainly is a fighter.See more information about Rahayu. 

If you wish to be transferred to another orphan or cancel your adoption, please call Rebecca on 1300 REDAPE or

We will of course inform you when Carmen is released into the Batikap forest, to join over 100 other orangutans released and provide any further updates that we can.

Thank you so much for your support of Carmen. Her journey to freedom is now almost complete and has been made possible with generous support from her adopted parents such as yourself.


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