Sheldon College Presentation In June Sharron Stapleton gave a presentation in front of some very interested year 6 Students at Sheldon College.

The year 6 students raised a whopping $1895 for the orangutan through merchandise and adoptions. The donations from the students aided in the protection of more than 12 square Kilometres of rainforest habitat for 6 rehabilitated orangutans who live in the protection of TOP rangers Thank you Sheldon College for being such wonderful ambassadors for the orangutan and your school. 

Brookfield Veterinary Surgery

Helen and Jenny have thought outside the box in choosing a location to fundraise. Positioning themselves outside the Brookfield Veterinary Surgery proved successful. Helen and Jenny raised a total of $73 at the 'Pirates and Princess' day at the local Brookfield Veterinary Surgery. They handed out quite a few brochures and talked to a number of pet owners about TOP. It was a small event and ran from 10am  – 1pm. A great effort for just 3 hours. Yet another success story from Brisbane and the Queensland team.

Opportunities in Brisbane

We are still on the lookout for someone to fill the following positions:

Merchandise Co-ordinator 

This role involves storing and stock taking the merchandise in Brisbane. Keeping in touch with stall holders and the Merchandise team in WA and working closely with the State Representative. 
Here is a brief description of the position. For further information click here

Tasks and responsibilities: 

- Identify stock requirements for events planned for the year 
- Hold and supply stock for events 
- Monthly stock take 
- Follow merchandise procedures 
- Liaise with event volunteer/coordinator of individual events and prepare stock for pick up.
- Transport stock to and from events or coordinate stock movement as required. 

Donation Box Monitor

The donation boxes created by Jenny have been a huge success. We are currently seeking someone to take on the role of monitoring the locations of the donation boxes in the Brisbane area. This role involves keeping a record of where the boxes are located in Brisbane and ensuring they are emptied in a timely manner to keep the funds rolling in. 
For further details on this role please contact christelle.buckschun@orangutan.org.au

Chocolate Distributor
If you have a sweet tooth this role might interest you. Chocolates are always a good fundraising tool. We are seeking someone to distribute chocolate around town to assist in this form of fundraising. 
For further details on this role please contact christelle.buckschun@oranhutan.org.au

Thanks, Christelle

Here’s an update from Courtney who ran the Townsville Pet Expo in June - 

Hundreds of furry, feathered and scaled animals and their owners attended the 4th Townsville Pet Expo this year which Included more than 60 exhibitors. After unsuccessfully trying to be part of the event last year, the Townsville City Council granted permission for TOP to be there this year. And what a success it was! $507.25 was raised in 5.5hours. My table of merchandise was nearly completely empty by the end of the day and the 100 adoption forms I had printed out were nearly all taken by people excited to adopt an orangutan. People loved the idea of being able to adopt and enjoyed the fact that they would be able to watch their orangutan grow via the website. There were a lot of people asking about the use of palm oil with many not realising the vast amount of products it was in. There were some that didn't even know where the orangutans lived, so not only was the stall very successful in raising money it was also very beneficial in educating Townsville. I definitely can't wait to do it again next year!


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